Another year of wet summer in HP

This hill state witnesses the chilly and wet summer compared to sweltering and humility heatwave the Indian Meterlogical Department stated releasing ups and downs on last three months.

 State received accumulated  217 mm rain side March 1 to May 31 in this summer season compared to ,273 mm rain during same period last summer season, Met Office said in its seasonal weather bulletin. Last year it was 21 above normal.

In 2019 state received 134 mm rain, in 2018-143 and 247 in 2017 during same period.

The rain was 11 per cent below the long-period average.  It was in excess range in five districts only four districts recording normal rainfall only three recorded deficient rainfall.

During the season there were 17 spells of rain moreover 11 spells gave fairly widespread to widespread precipitation.

Interestingly, there were large fluctuations and ups and downs in the monthly rainfall as  March saw  ‘large deficient precipitation’ rain as it was 62 per cent less than normal.

 In April, there were five spells of rain as state recorded 111.5 mm rain which was 62 percent more than the normal. This capital town had 2nd-highest rainfall ever recorded in its history in a 24-hrr-period on April 21-22.

In May, state had ‘large excess rain’ in four district and Sirmaur had 150 pc excess rainfall during the month.

From 2004 to 2013, the state recorded deficient or large deficient rain in all years but one. In the last eight years, however, there have only been two rain deficient years.

On May 27 state recorded highest temperature of the season at 42.7 degrees at Una and on April 24 Keylong recorded lowest temperature at minus 6.2 degrees

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