Animal dispensary Peeran has been yearning for water for the past several years

There is no water connection in Peeran Animal Dispensary for the past several years, due to which the staff concerned are facing a lot of trouble while treating the cattle. The situation is that even the building of the Veterinary Dispensary is shedding tears of plight. Till date, the department has not taken any action regarding the repair of this building which was constructed about 25 years ago. When it rains, the roof of the building leaks, due to which the medicines also get spoiled. The window panes and glasses are broken. There is only one Junior Inspector in the name of the staff. Let us tell you that the post of class IV is lying vacant for many years. Tell according to the departmental statistics, there is about 1500 livestock in Peeran Panchayat. At present, the employee has been given the charge of Satlai Panchayat in addition to Peeran Panchayat. Where the number of livestock is about one thousand. It is becoming difficult to give the duty to the employee in two panchayats without a vehicle. In case of emergency, farmers have to carry Koti or Chail for the treatment of their animals.
Former Pradhan Dayaram Verma and Pritam Thakur have demanded from the government that provision of funds should be made for the repair of the building, apart from installing a water connection in Peeran Veterinary Dispensary. He told that last year, the status of the veterinary dispensary was increased to a hospital by the government, which was denotified by the government. Daya Ram Verma says that there are about 1500 livestock in the panchayat, for which it is necessary to upgrade the status of this dispensary. They have demanded the cancellation of the deputation of the employee of this dispensary to Satlai Panchayat. They say that there are very few medicines available in this dispensary, due to which farmers have to buy medicines from the market for the treatment of their animals.
Deputy Director, Animal Husbandry Department, Shimla, Dr. Arun Sareik said that appropriate action will be taken for the repair of the veterinary dispensary. On the other hand, JE Rajkumar Sharma of Jal Shakti Department told that he will have to apply to the department for water connection.

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