Alumni reconnect organised at UHF Nauni

An alumni reconnect programme was organised by the Dr. YS Parmar University of Horticulture and Forestry, Nauni earlier this week. The event was organised under the National Agricultural Higher Education Project’s Institutional Development Plan (NAHEP IDP).  Former students of the university joined the reconnect programme in online and offline mode and shared their opinion on how to make the university alumni association more dynamic.

In addition to the people joining online from different parts of the country, several students joined from the United States and Canada. The alumni who were at the campus were taken on a tour of the new facilities developed by the university, especially the alumni engagement center.

Dr. Manish Sharma, Dean College of Horticulture welcomed the alumni and informed that the university will be organising such reconnect programmes with a group of alumni to understand their expectations from the university. Dr. KK Raina, PI IDP talked about the initiatives taken under the IDP project for the holistic development of the students and engagement with the alumni. Dr RK Thakur, President of the Alumni Association said that the alumni have a big role to play in the development and taking the university to the next level.  Dr Sanjeev Chauhan, Director Research initiated the discussions on the corpus fund of alumni and the guidelines being framed for the establishment of the same.

Professor Rajeshwar Singh Chandel, Vice Chancellor said that the event was among a series of planned events through which the university has planned to gauge the aspirations of the alumni and how the university could work with the association to connect with present students and industry. He said that the university is in the process of revamping the alumni association to make it more engaging for the former students of the university. He called for reigniting the emotional connection the students have with the university. All the participants shared their views and some even shared old stories from their student days. The participants also expressed their views and how they can help in the creation of a corpus fund. Several members expressed their desire to work with the present students in connecting with the industry for training and placements. Discussions of the organisation of alumni meet were also held. Dr.CL Thakur, Dean College of Forestry thanked the alumni for attending the event and sharing their opinions.

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