All 47 voters turn up for polling in world highest polling station at Tashigang

47 voters turned up at Tashigang monestry in Kaza subdivision of Lahaul Spiti district at  world’s highest polling station registered  100 pc turnout.  
Despite Mercury plummet to  minus 16 at Tashigang, lot of enthusiasm were notice among the voters.
Assistant Public Relations Officer Mr Ajay Banyal told us that out if total of 47 voters in highest Polling station  including 29 male, 18 female voters, all voters cast their vote.  
Apart from this, 5 EDC (Election Duty officer) have also voted here. 
ADM Mohan Dutt Sharma also inspected the polling here.  
All the voters came here in traditional dress.  Along with this, the presiding officer and the polling officer were also in the traditional attire of Spiti valley.  
Being ideal Polling station a crèche to entertain kids and children in the polling station.  The provision of food was made for all the voters.
Tashi Chonjom, who voted for the first time in Tashigang, said that he hail from Tashigang village.  “We all should vote.  I am very happy that I have played my part in a democracy by voting.” he said.
 Lobajang Ishe, a resident of Tashigang, said he had voted for the first time.  Voting is very important. Voting is the basis of democracy, he added.
 70-year-old Sakya Dolma said that after setting up this Polling station she  always using her vote here, She said saying that she is enthralled after voting here today as well.

 A selfie point was also made at the model polling station Rangrik.  Where everyone  were welcomed with traditional musical and beating of drum and playing instruments.
The voters turned up in the open outside polling stations surrounded by blanket of snow around as arrangements were made for the folk dances for the voters.
 The women’s polling station Culig was also decorated.

 Assistant Returning Officer Mahendra Pratap Singh said that cent per cent voting took place in Tashigang village, the world’s highest polling station.  
In Tashigang polling stations fifev EDCs have also voted.  We encouraged people a lot to vote.  A lot of facilities were kept for the voters in the Model Polling Station, he said.

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