After a thousand years, Shanda Mahayagya of Katheshwar deity was performed in Koti

 Last evening, the Shanda Mahayagya of Katheshwar deity in Koti of Junga tehsil was concluded with the installation of Kurud and traditional worship. The Kurud installation program at the peak of the temple was the center of attraction for thousands of people who came for the Shand Mahayagya. Kardar Ramswaroop Sharma, head of the temple committee, said that after about a thousand years, the Shanda Mahayagya of Katheshwar deity was performed under the chairmanship of King Khush Vikram Sen of Keonthal state. In this Mahayagya, apart from Dev Junga Dhanchand Thund, Katheshwar Devta Davaru, about 200 Jubdis of Katheshwar Devta and various Khails or clansmen as well as representatives of various regional Gods and Goddesses participated.
He said that after renovating the ancient temple of Katheshwar deity, Shand Mahayagya was performed. During this period, the idols of the deity were temporarily kept near the palace of the then-Keonthal king in Koti. This program started on 24th November and ended on 03rd December. Kurud was established on 2nd December at 6 pm. On 3rd December, the consecration and special puja and Purnahuti of the temple were done.
Sayana Ram Swaroop Sharma said that the worship work in Shand Mahayagya was done by Acharya Dinesh Sharma and Lord Dutt Sharma. Devta Dhanchand, Jai Ishwari Devi (Dharech), Karadars of all the deities of Thund, Devta Junga (priest), Kardars of Chayal-Tikkar, Taradevi, Kushala and Mundaghat participated in it. He said that in the past it used to be the headquarters of the then Keonthal princely state which was later shifted to Junga.
In the Shand Mahayagya, the deity’s stewards Som Prakash and Shri Niwas, Deva or Guru Geeta Ram and Narayan Dutt, Sayane Ram Swaroop Sharma and Devendra Thakur, Sarjai Bala Ram Sharma and Suresh Sharma played prominent roles. On this occasion, King Khush Vikram Sen, Queen Mother Vijay Jyoti Sen, and Rural Development Minister Anirudh Singh worshiped the deity.

History of Shri Kateshwar Devta
Sarva Shakti Maan Katheshwar Devta Maharaj originated from the country of Nepal. Thousands of years ago, the Gorkhas attacked the Keonthal state, and the king was imprisoned in Nepal. It is said that the king saw the Jatar of Kartikeshwar or Kalthevar in Nepal and prayed to the deity to free him from captivity. By the grace of the deity, the king was freed from captivity, and while coming back, King Keonthal brought with him the Katheshwar deity which was established in his capital Koti. In ancient times, the king of Keonthal state established this deity in Keonthal state and gave him the rule in his kingdom. In the state of Keonthal, Jatar Swaroop Yatra, a law was made on the birth of the king’s eldest son (Tika) after the time of the coronation. The people of Katledu and Takral families are especially blessed by this deity. In the houses of other families, it is considered as Changdu deity. People have a lot of faith and reverence for this deity.

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