Admin prohibited movement of traffic on Darcha-Leh road

 Lahaul Spiti district administration imposed prohibition on the movement traffic between Darcha-Leh National Highway after snowfall on high passes.
Spekesperson of District Administration Lahaul Spiti said that on an advisory of October 31 has been issued restricting the movement of vehicles and public on Darcha Leh road due to heavy snowfall. However, it is being seen that tourists staying in hotels, guest houses and homestays of the valley are trying to go beyond Darcha to Baralacha etc. despite the road has been closed road for roaming and travel. 
The violation of prohibitary order casusing the possibility of any untoward incident which may take life of people in negligent manner.
In order to prevent any untoward incident from happening, there are sufficient grounds to police to take preventive action to maintain order. 
The police would take action against the violators under Section 149 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973, in exercise of self-occupied powers, with reference to any kind of tourist activity beyond Darcha on Darcha Leh road and Darcha Shinkula road.  
The action could be taken against Tourist, travellers and hotelier to restrict the movement of vehicles, movement of civil vehicles till the official opening of these roadways by the district administration.
All hotels, homes located in the revenue sub-division Lahaul and Udaipur under the jurisdiction of Police Station Keylong including owner , manager, operators of the tour, have to make tourists and guests staying in their hotels, guest houses and home stays etc. aware of the orders of restriction of movement on the road going beyond Darcha.  
If violation would comes to knowledge of the stakeholders they should immediately informed the police station Keylong should as soon as possible over the phone.  
Disobedience to these orders is an offense punishable under Section 188 of the Indian Penal Code, 1860. 
Despite ban on traffic on the said roads eight person and seven  heavy motor and one light vehicles  trapped in heavy snowfall in last 24hrs have to Rescue from Baralacha pass in an intensive rescue operation successfully .
Beside this two HMV were Stranded at Sarchu has also been rescued after herculean efforts of police rescue team & BRO / GREF . 
Thesee vehicles were stranded at Baralacha Pass overnight due to breaking down of a truck midway at Baralacha Pass . 
Two police teams were formed on Monday sent early morning  to  spot under the supervision of DSP  Hemant Kumar with SHO Chaman Lal , HC Chaman Lal .
 Fighting sub zero temperatures , the police team first moved the broken down vehicle out of the way, thereby making way for remaining traffic to move safely towards Darcha – Manali.
Rescue team also assisted  12 others standard light vehicles mid way to return to Sarchu and 11 vehicles to Darcha smoothly . 
One truck driver identified as Ajay Kumar and two army porters namely Ram Singh & Baldev Singh has also been evacuted from Sarchu Transit camp by the Rescue team.
 The rescue team also warned and sent back other 10 LMV from Patsio which were going towards Sarchu. 
The rescued vehicles have safely reached Darcha and the rescued persons have reached their houses safely .
 There is no other vehicle or passenger stranded in between between Darcha & Sarchu and Baralacha Pass is now officially closed for any vehicular traffic for next season, spokesperson informed

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