Admin alter notification about opening of Primary school

 Education Director today order to alter the notification issued recently to open all primary school from Nov 10 and 15 by issuing amended new notification today.

Notification issued by the Director Higher education Amarjeet Singh said that altering its  November 9 order it had decided to open primary classes should not be mandatory for schools affiliated with CBSE and ICSE.

 Herein, the authority order advises the school authorities to take a decision in their respective schools management system like PTAs/SMCs.

” It is not mandatory for private schools affiliated with CBSE and ICSE to call the students of primary classes as mentioned in the order dated 9.11.2021,” stated the order by Director Higher Education.

” This order is especially for the winter closing schools in the Shimla city and the district,” added the order. The order further stated that winter closing schools of other districts but affiliated to CBSE/ICSE may also follow the directions/clarifications.

However strangely schools affiliated with HP BoSE shall have to follow the government November 9 order. This includes schools affiliated to the state board even in areas where there is winter closing.

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