Adani Foundation adopts two dozen villages of Jharkhand near thermal plants 

Adani Foundation also associated with the theme ‘Health for All’ on World Health Day 2023, changed the picture of many villages of Godda and made women self-reliant. The figures of the census conducted in 2011 cleared the picture of the plight of the rural areas there.  About 55% of rural households do not have a bathroom.  People are forced to take baths in the open.  

Bathing without a wall as if it has become a routine there, women face the most trouble.  But despite all these miseries, a ray of hope has appeared in the Godda district where the emphasis is being laid on the empowerment of women and fundamental rights.  

Seeing the open bathrooms, Tubewells and modern handpump platforms built in some villages of the Godda district of Jharkhand, the dream of a developed village seems to be coming true.  

On inquiry, it is revealed that all these changes have been possible with the help of the Adani Foundation.  Today, in addition to the villages of Dumaria, Motia, Patwa, Buxra, Petvi, Ranganiya, Baliakitta, Birniyan, etc. in two dozen villages of Mahagama block, wells and tube wells built on the roadside and bathrooms surrounded by Chahar wall present a different picture of changing villages. 

 In fact, Adani’s Godda power plant is adjacent to these villages, through which all necessary steps are being taken for the development of the villages along with realizing the dream of lighting in the area.  Adani Foundation has constructed more than 150 public bathrooms in the area since 2016 under Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to improve the conditions of the village and the condition of women, benefiting a population of about twenty-five thousand. 

 Along with this, the work of repairing more than two thousand damaged tube wells has also been done, through which clean drinking water was made available to the population of more than 40 thousand.  Adani Foundation has also constructed drains for the disposal of filth near tube wells to fulfill the pledge of cleanliness.  Along with this, the Foundation has made soaking pits near more than one thousand tube wells, due to which the water level will also be balanced.

 Adani Foundation aims at capacity building, empowerment of communities, inclusive socio-economic development, environmental protection, promotion of green and energy-efficient technologies, development of backward areas, and upliftment of marginalized sections of society.  

The condition of the rural areas of this state with 38% Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe population is very bad as 95% of the rural areas have nothing in the name of bathrooms.  Women in rural areas are forced to take baths in the open.  But now the situation has changed, after this important effort of the Adani Foundation, which has made a big impact on the lives of the people, the condition of the villages has improved.  In the year 2023, the World Health Organization is making its 75th Foundation Day, and this year the theme of World Health Day is “Health for All”.  

Adani Foundation is also engaged in connecting the backward villages and communities of the society with the mainstream with this resolution.  The campaign of the Foundation is paying off and people are becoming health conscious.  Especially there has been a revolutionary change in the life of women.  

Bholi Kumari of Karnu village of Mahagama block of Godda said that there has been a big change in her life through Adani Foundation, now she does not have to bathe in the open in front of people.  Asha Kumari and Ritu Kumari of the same village are also very excited about this important initiative of the Adani Foundation and they believe that by getting clean drinking water, their family members are being protected from infectious diseases.

 The Foundation is committed to gender equality and rural infrastructure development.  The development of the person standing at the last rung is very important so that the developed society is not limited to the cities only and Adani Foundation is continuously working towards fulfilling this responsibility.

 Adani Foundation, the community outreach and engagement arm of the Adani Group, is dedicated to making strategic social investments to drive sustainable results across India.  Since 1996, the Foundation has focused on core areas including education, health, sustainable livelihoods, skill development, and community infrastructure.  

With its strategies based on national priorities and global development goals, the Foundation is known for its innovative approach and focus on sustainability, contributing to the collective development of Adani Group’s business and society beyond.  Currently, it operates in 5,675 villages across 19 states, impacting the lives of 7.6 million people.

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