AAP strongly opposes the Himachal Excise Policy 2022-23

The Aam Aadmi Party strongly opposes the Excise Policy 2022-23 brought by the state government and termed it limited to giving benefits only to its favorite contractors. Party spokesperson Gaurav Sharma said that the government was working only for its selected contractors. The living example of which is the excise policy of 2022-23 . Is it appropriate to give only a few percentage points to the old contractors, whether there is no loss to the state’s economy or the government is busy filling the bags of its favorite contractors. The party demands that the government should tell the public that what is the compulsion that open bidding is not being done for liquor contracts and why the period of the previous contractors is being extended. This is corruption being done openly.  Due to this, their business could not go on and they talked about giving fee waiver in the government, but later I reversed. Moreover, heavy penalty was imposed on them for not lifting the quota from them. The party fully supports their demands and demands of the government that their demands should be considered immediately and the fees for the time of Covid should be waived off. Gaurav Sharma He openly accused the government of encouraging illegal liquor mafia in the state and said that the present policy makes it clear that the government is not interested in the state fund, they are only working to give benefits to their contractors. Assured the Sangh that the party is always with them for their rights and supports their demands and demands of the government that the contracts should be auctioned through open bidding at the earliest so that transparency can be brought.

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