A strong leadership like Modi is necessary for India’s development: Rajiv Bhardwaj

With the huge support of the people, the Bharatiya Janata Party will get a huge majority in all the four Lok Sabha seats of Himachal Pradesh in the Lok Sabha elections. BJP Kangra Lok Sabha candidate Rajiv Bhardwaj said during a public relations program in Chhota Bengal and Bada Bengal of Barot Valley of his assembly constituency that Prime Minister Narendra Modi will become the Prime Minister of the country for the third consecutive time with 400 seats. Prime Minister Modi has done many developments in his tenure in the last 10 years through which empowerment and development for the poor and the general public has been his main objective. Apart from this, the Bharatiya Janata Party has also started many projects and schemes in Himachal Pradesh, which strengthened the employment and economic condition of the state.

Candidate Rajeev said that a false government is running in Himachal Pradesh under the leadership of a liar who only knows how to deceive, provoke and confuse the people of Himachal to save his chair. He said that Chief Minister Sukhu is showing false works of the Congress government in the state by using the money released from the center and changing the names of schemes. It has also been proved through an RTI that the Congress government has not been able to spend the entire money that comes from the center for disaster relief and is spreading false misconceptions among the people that no help has come from the center for the state. He said that I want to ask that in the last 15 months, the Congress government has taken a loan of 28 thousand crores and says

That the condition of the state is so bad that famine has occurred like in Sri Lanka. To save his power, Chief Minister Sukhu is giving cabinet level posts and benefits to such people who do not even have the capability to win the election of the head of the Panchayat. If Chief Minister Sukhu is truthful then he should issue a white paper on the financial condition of the state.

He said that Congress not only lacks leadership but also lacks the intention to work. While BJP is fighting elections on the issues of the country and the state and is also talking about the issues among the public, Congress is only engaged in crying and cursing. I want to warn Chief Minister Sukhu to stop cheating the people of Himachal. The public has understood the plan behind the repeated rumours that Jairam Thakur has stopped giving Rs 1500 to women. It was said that money will be given to all women between 18 and 59 years of age, now a word ‘eligible women’ has been added to it, which Chief Minister Sukhu is not making public on election platforms and is trying to provoke the sentiments of women.

Bhardwaj said that while Congress proved to be ineffective in the state, it is also in every state of the country. Corruption: Money is being recovered from the houses of Mamata Banerjee’s ministers in Bengal. More than Rs 365 crore was found from the house of a Congress MP. Rs 29 crore cash was found in the house of the PA of a Jharkhand minister. Arvind Kejriwal is out on bail from jail in the liquor scam. SP and RJD are involved in corruption and Congress’s prince Rahul Gandhi is himself out on bail. He said that Congress governments were afraid of building roads on the border, but Prime Minister Modi gave new heights to border infrastructure. Prime Minister Narendra Modi also completed the Atal Tunnel in the state. He said that Congress had called the country illiterate, but today under Modi’s leadership, people from every section are doing digital transactions. India is doing 40 percent of the digital transactions in the world. He said that earlier votes were sought in the name of caste, religion and region, but today there is politics of development and at the same time, under the leadership of Narendra Modi, the work culture of ‘politics of performance’ has been established.

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