A committee to identify hotspots of leopard incidences in Shimla town

Urban Development Minister Suresh Bhardwaj said today that a committee would be constituted shortly to identify the hotspots in this town where leopard incidents are increasing and people are living under terror of leopard attack in the town.
Mr Bhardwaj presided over a meeting of senior officers of urban department and Shimla Municipal Corporation to address the burning issues of rising incidences of Leopard attack on the kids in town\.
Minister directed the officials to constitute a committee under the chairmanship of the Divisional Forest Officer, Shimla, which would identify the hotspots where the leopard are frequently being seen and attacking the people and pets.
He said that such vulnerable hotspots should be identified to take necessary steps to rescue the life of people with increasing incidences of wild attack on the man  in the town and state.
The officers of  district administration, SMC would also be included in this committee to identify the hotspots, he said directing Forest Department to take all necessary steps in this regard.  
The committee after marking the hotspots, the camera traps  would monitored the activities of Leopard in the area, moreover cages should be installed there soon after of increasing incidences of their frequent movement .  
Minister also stressed the need to set up a toll free phone number for the conveniences of people to informed the department and administration about such incidences and to take feedback from the public.
The directions have been issued to the Forest and Police Department to continue the search operation in the town to keep the eye on the activities of wild animal which are moving in the town to prey upon the pets and also attacking the kids and people.  
The directions have been passed to SMC to immediately install street lights at such places which are more prone and isolated  for which funds would be provided to civic body by the Urban Development Department.
Secretary Urban Development Mr Rajneesh, Deputy Commissioner Shimla Mr Aditya Negi, senior officers of Forest Department, Municipal Corporation and Police Department were present in the meeting.

As it has been mentioned here today that On Deepwali night on Nov 4 a 5 yrs old kids identified as Yograj son of Kedarnath of Kodimohala down dale in the heart of capital town was picked up by a leopards and his mutilated body parts were recovered after two days of intensive search.
In Similar attack three month back near Kanganadhar of Shimla a four years of girls was picked up and killed by the Leopards. The Sep 2, this year in a CCTV camera three limbs Leopards was seen moving beside the road at Khalini.
The wild life authority have now set up three cage trap to arrest the Leopards which is reported not moving out beyond three to four kilometer radius. Normally the wild life officials said that Leopards could normally move up to ten kilometer radius in their habitats. 

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