Mock drill for COVID preparedness in Himachal

Mock drill for COVID – 19 preparedness in the State of Himachal Pradesh Government had decided to hold mock drills at health facilities in the State of Himachal Pradesh on 10th & 11th April 2023 in the wake of rise in Covid cases in the Districts. State has asked all the Districts to hold Mock Drill at the health care facilities. The objective of this exercise is to ensure operational readiness of these health facilities for management of any spurt in COVID cases. The focus of the Mock Drill will be on the parameters during the mock drills, will be on the bed capacities including isolation, oxygen-supported and ICU beds at the health facilities. Geographically representative availability of health facilities — covering all districts . Bed capacities Isolation beds, oxygen-supported isolation beds, ICU beds and ventilator-supported beds. The focus will also be on the optimal availability of human resources. Healthcare professionals trained in COVID – 19 management, healthcare workers trained in the operation of PSA plants etc. Referral services: Availability of Advanced and Basic Life Support (ALS / BLS) ambulances, availability of functional ambulance call centre, Mock Drill is being done under the overall guidance of Deputy Commissioners in close consultation with officers of Health Department of the State. The mock drill is a practice or a trial warning drill conducted by an organization to gauge the knowledge of how efficiently and safely the staff manages an emergency using the available resources and hospital protocols to avert any chaotic situation. The Purpose of Mock Drill is to provide a real-time experience of screening and managing a case in an epidemic / pandemic situation. These situations evaluate protocols prepared by hospitals and also their staff members’ ability to identify and manage emergency response for handling COVID-19 cases. Honorable Health Minister Col. Dhani Ram Shandil today monitored the Mock Drill on visiting CH Kandaghat , Block Syri , District Solan and was accompanied by Dr. Gopal Beri, DHS, HP along with team. Dr.Sudesh Kumar Mokhta , MD NHM HP evaluates the drill at Zonal Hospital DDU Shimla , District Shimla tod The data regarding the mock drill by the heath facilities has been uploaded by the Districts Surveillance Units and reported on COVID Portal is as under :

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