3 percent DA to put an additional burden of Rs. 500 crores on the State exchequer: Harshwardhan Chauhan

Industries Minister Harshwardhan Chauhan said here today that the present State Government is committed to ensuring the welfare of the employees of the State and was releasing their dues from time to time despite the precarious financial health of the State.  He said that employees play an important role in the development of the State and keeping in view their role he had announced the dearness allowance and dearness relief of 3 percent to the employees and pensioners of the State Government on the occasion of Himachal Day at Kaza due from 1st January 2022 thereby enhancing it to 34 percent.  He said that this would put an additional burden of Rs. 500 crores on the State exchequer and benefit about 2.15 lakh employees and 1.90 lakh pensioners.  He said that it showed the determination of the present government toward the benefit of the employees and pensioners.

He said that the previous BJP Government only announced the pay scales to the employees and did not release the arrears and installments of dearness allowances due to the employees and pensioners thereby depriving them of financial benefits. Due to the fulsome spending of the previous Government, the State was struck under the debt trap of cores and had taken loans just to enjoy power by spending public money extravagantly.  He said that there were liabilities of about Rs. 11000 crores on accounts of arrears of pay scales and pensions of the employees and the BJP Government had no interest in paying their arrears and DA during their tenure. He said that it was due to the financial mismanagement of the BJP Government that today’s loan liabilities have crossed Rs. 75000 crore.

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