Women Ice Hockey competition at Kaza from Dec 25

National Women’s Ice Hockey Competition would be Organized- at the sub-divisional headquarter of Spiti valley in Kaza on Dec 25. ADM Mohan Dutt Sharma told us.
He said that around 80 players would take part in the competition and a month-long camp was also being organized by the Administration to prepare for the event.
”The event will be attended by the players from Hyderabad, Leh, Chandigarh, Delhi Mumbai and Himachal Pradesh would participate in the camp. Five to seven teams are expected to participate in the national competition.  Each team would  have 22 players.  Along with this there would also be 10 official ones.” he said. 
Along with this, separate accommodation arrangements have been made for all the official who come.  He said that every effort would be made by the administration to provide every facility to the players. 
He said that Kaza is hosting National women’s ice hockey competition  for the first time.  The Ice Hockey Association of Lahaul Spiti and the local administration have started preparations for the said event. There would be two to three matches daily in the competition. Provision for proper accommodation for the players has been made here.  
 ADM said that  this is a big event for Spiti as national level competition is going to be held ‘
here. This event would spread awareness about sports to the youth of Spiti.  Rather, they would also get an opportunity to meet the national level stage here.    

 Last year our women’s ice hockey team won the bronze medal in the national competition.    
This event would also boost up  tourism and employment avenue among the local
The Ice Hockey Association of Lahaul Spiti has a major role in organizing camps and competitions.  The members of the association are actively participating to settle the ice skating rink for the championship.
 The ice rink started in the ice rink built in Kaza at an altitude of 3720 meters above sea level.  As the snowfall has already begins in the valley the freezing water in the rink would be ready for the events due to favourable weather conditions.  
Along with this, in the next few days, all the preparations related to the preparation of the rink would be completed.  Last year, 165 Spiti players also took part in the camp organisedby the Amit Berbal, the national ice hockey.

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