Popularity of Yoga gaining momentum in Himachal

Yoga is gain momentum in Himachal Pradesh as people is adopting physical, mental and spiritual Yoga  practices, which not only gives peace, confidence and strength, but also connects humans with nature.

 Yoga is the ancient knowledge that has become an integral part of Indian tradition and rich culture, which is recognized by the whole world. 

Yoga is gift for the well being of mankind. It is a effective cure for many disorders and diseases. Besides improving the blood circulation & purification, it helps in smooth functioning of our nervous system. It also helps in exercising control over our body, mind, emotions and energy.

Keeping in view the importance of health and keenness of people to rely upon such practices to keep them Health  state government is giving more emphasis to promote it among the masses. 

In today’s context, due to stress and busy lifestyle, our health is being adversely affected, which can be recovered through Yoga and Ayurveda. 

To lead a healthy life, the body needs positive energy and mental strength, which is obtained from Yoga and Ayurveda.

Today, the whole world is battling the corona pandemic. There is no specific medicine that can eliminate this virus. In such a situation, our immunity becomes very important, which cannot be enhanced by taking medicines for a few days. 

The Yoga and Ayurveda has proved to be very effective in these circumstances. During the corona period, people have prevented the infection by regular practice of yoga-pranayama, besides reducing the severity of the disease in case of illness and curing the patient soon.

This public health crisis has emphasized the importance of building immunity and therefore adopting a healthy lifestyle. Many studies have proven the effectiveness of yoga in enhancing the immune system. Yoga is a combination of physical exercise, breathing practices and concentration improvement by strengthening the body and mind which in turn improves immunity.

 To name some from the many yoga asanas, Shavasana and Sasakasana reduces stress and increases our immune system’s ability to fight antigens. Breathing practices such as Pranayam maintains our respiratory systems and increases the efficiency of our lungs. 

Trikonasana improves blood circulation and ensures the optimal functioning of all organs. Hence, practicing yoga is not only helpful in building immunity but also essential for the overall well being of the human body.

Today the importance of yoga has increased manifolds. While healthy people are controlling their physical and mental stress by practicing yoga, patients are also adopting yoga for their speedy recovery.

The ‘Ayush Ghar Dwar’ program has been run by the state government. This is the first such effort of its kind in the whole country. This program is being run by the department of AYUSH in coordination with Art of Living Sanstha, Yog Bharti Sanstha, Vivekananda Yoga Center etc., in which Covid infected persons living in home isolation and general public are taught yoga and pranayama daily through WhatsApp and Zoom sessions so that they can overcome mental stress and recover soon to lead a better life. 

Through this program, about 53000 people were made to practice yoga and pranayama by forming 1327 WhatsApp groups and medical benefits of yoga were also explained.

 Presently the whole world is battling with the crisis of Covid-19 pandemic. In view of this, mass functions are not being organized in the present circumstances.

 That is why ‘Yoga at Home, Yoga with Family’ is being encouraged by the government.

This year too International Day of Yoga is being observed virtually as the previous year. This year the theme of International Day of Yoga is ‘Yoga for Wellness’.

By cooperating in the efforts of the state government, people can make yoga an integral part of their lives by practicing yoga regularly. 

We can not only overcome physical ailments by adopting yoga in a disciplined way, but also fill our lives with positive energy.

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