Lockdown high time for – Testing kitchen skill

No doubt second wave of Covid pandemic left people in  deep distress and feeling to lost their near and dear one the testing time could not be pass in Somber and sorrow we have to come out of it. Those who are not able to pass time should utilizes the opportunity to do some things new. Why not test kitchen skill aesthetic art which is neither tough nor price is high.
Let us try a new cuisine or pickle – You tube is your best mentor !
How to make quick Mango Pickle ?
Take Two kg of unripe mango you have to chop down it from the Market. Currently it is mango season in India and variety of fruit are available . It would not cost you more than Rs 25 to 30 a kg. 
Washed down the chop mango with running tap water for a while. Put the wet mango in sunlight or fan for ten to 15 minutes till all water get dry. Put the dry chopped Mango pieces in clean and dry thin clothes. Sprinkle some salt on the chopped Mango or you can also put some turmeric powder , mixed the salted dry chopped mangoes on the cloth to mix salt and turmeric powder well. Now cover up the mango with the same clothe binding it in such a way that waters starts coming out. You could put the mango binded clothe in some mashed utensils or hang it to some high places so that entire water come out of the thin clothe . Keep it for ten to 12 hrs. 
Now you are ready to make the pickle in your kitchen. First take about 100 gm fennel seed, 50 gm Singla seeds, ten gm black pepper, 50 gm cumin seeds, 20 gm big elaichi, 2 gm Asafetida, 30 gm red chili powder, 100 gm salt, two cup mustard oil and five gm long and 25 gm Turmeric powder, 30 gm, 20 gm aniseed, long and 30 gm white mustard seeds. All seeds should dry on sim flame for two to three minutes so that it did roast it make it completely dry. Now take take partly roasted Fennel seed, black pepper, Singla seeds, badi elaichi, mustard seeds, aniseed and cumin seeds to mixer grinder. Crush it so that it did not completely turn powder but half crushed or coarse. .
Take a two cup of mustard oil in bid frying pan and heat it so that water or hydrate content came out of oil . Now left it to cool it for few minutes in off flame. 
Put all half crushed spices Including Turmeric, red chili powder, salt,  Asafetida in the partly cooled oil using sim flame. As the spices completely cock for couple of minutes put the dried drained chopped Mango into the fry pan. Mix it with dry spatula so that spices soaked in oils covered pieces of Mango well. Now before slowly transfer the pickle into some dry glass or high quality plastic well cover pot one should left the pickle on the gas stove so that it’s heat completely dry out the Mango pieces of moisture content baring oil layer. Now the pickle should transfer to the pots which should be filled with pickle in such way that oils layers cover the top of pickle pieces after slowly giving shake and pressing down the pickles to completely fill every gap if pieces with oil. Now give one or two days sun light and pickle is ready to use. Now need to put the sodium benzoate in the pickle  and it could be used for years. But one should keep precautions to bring out pickle from the glass jar as dry spoon should be used to take it out. If you keep the jar open without tightly cover or use wet hand and wet spoon the pickle would shortly catch fungus.

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