Environment and Social Justice: Proposals and Initiatives

From July to September, a series of conventions focused on environment and social justice will be held in various locations, including Thunag, Lamba Thach, Bagshayd, Kotli, Panarsa, Nihari, Sundarnagar, Sandhol, Jogendra Nagar, Padhar, Balwara, Rewalsar, Kullu, and Ani. These conventions, inspired by the Yuva Bachao Desh Bachao Abhiyan, will target colleges and schools to form dedicated committees.

A key initiative, similar to the Dharti Bachao, Plant Trees campaign, is the tree plantation drive scheduled from 11 July to 15 August. This drive aims to involve the Forest Department and the Horticulture Department for sapling procurement, and correspondence has been made to the Chief Conservators of Mandi and Kullu. Additionally, the Life Insurance Corporation of India will be approached for support.

Committee workers will develop a block-level sapling plantation plan in collaboration with the Forest Department to ensure effective execution of this environmental initiative.

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