Wheat procurement at all time high in Himachal

Himachal Pradesh Govt has procured a record 100657.00 Quintal wheat in ongoing RMS (Rabi Marketing Season) 2021-22 which started on 15 April 2021. and possibly the highest ever in its history — with still some time to go before the procurement season ended. 
The state govt has set up a target of wheat procurement of 12500 MT through Food Corporation of India   from Himachal Pradesh   said Himachal Pradesh agriculture minister sh Virender Kanwar here today.
Till May 31, 2021  a quantity of   100657 quintals of wheat has been procured as against 31295.00  Quintal  in the year-ago period which is 3.2 times more giving rise of 221%(69362 quintals) in comparison to last year .
The Minister said that   8 Wheat Procurement centres has been opened in five districts and added that wheat procurement centres has been opened at  Paonta Sahib and Kala Amb in Sirmour District ,  Haroli and Takarala in Una District , Fatehpur and Thakurdwara in Kangra District ,Patta Ghumarwin in Bilaspur District and Nalagrah in Solan District .
Mr. Kanwar said that  as on 31 st  May ,   total 29839.00 Quintal What was   procured in Sirmour District ,30520.00 Quintal wheat procured in Una District , 27270.50 Quintal wheat procured in Kangra District , 427.50 Quintal in Bilaspur District  and 12599.50 Quintal wheat was procured in Solan District .
State-owned Food Corporation of India (FCI) is the nodal agency for procurement and distribution of foodgrains in Himachal Pradesh however  in addition to it local traders also purchase the crop.
The Rabi Marketing season 2021-22 runs from April but the bulk of the procurement gets completed by June he said.
Procurement of Wheat in ongoing RMS (Rabi Marketing Season) 2021-22 is continuing smoothly at procurement centres  , as was done in previous seasons.
About 2447  farmers have already been benefitted from the ongoing RMS procurement operations with MSP at the rate of 1975 per Quintal .
He said that 785 farmers were benefitted from RMS procurements in Sirmour , 721 farmers were benefitted from RMS procurements in Una District , 545 farmers were benefitted from RMS procurements in Kangra District  , 16 farmers were benefitted from RMS procurements in Bilaspur District , and 380  farmers were benefitted from RMS procurements in Solan District .
The wheat procurment was started on 15april 2021 at Sirmour and Una District , 19 april at 03 may in Kangra District , 03 may in Bilaspur District and 02 may in Solan District    in ongoing RMS (Rabi Marketing Season) 2021-22.
He added that HP Civil supply corporation is engnaged in distribution of wheat in state. HP State Agricultural Marketing Board provide basic amenities for procurement but does not directly involve in the procurement process.
Estimates showed that at the current rate, the state government was expected to cross its own procurement target set for this year, Minister added.

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