Heavy Economic loss in Corona curfew leaves Indian Coffee house in red

Heavy Ecnomic losses in Corona curfew is pushing Indian Coffee houses to brink of bankruptcy and may be force to closure if would not improved immediately.
Manager of Indian Coffee house Shimla Atama Ram Sharma have shown similar concern that all coffee house Including Shimla are passing from unending hardship as backlog of employees Salaries have inflated to almost one year.
“We were not able to pay the regular salaries to employees since last year, somehow it resumed the operation to some extent leaving six to seven months backlog of salaries.” the manager said.
It was almost two months when enough customers are not turning up due to Soical distancing. 
The coffee house remained open during Corona curfew relaxation for three hours but customer saw very low footfall not enough to run the show, Mr Sharma said.
It is very much likely that this coffee house have to go for closure if the business didn’t improved , the manager observed.
This has been bustling place since it’s establishment more than a century ago that this hardship never been encounterred by its iconic waiters as it was run by society of workers themselves.
With some unconfirmed news that it would go for lay off or closing down, Indian Coffee houses regular visitor were in deep anguish.
On social media some of them respond to the a vedio with lot of concern appealing the citizens of town to rush for rescue the Coffee houses Shimla at any cost.
Shimla Coffee house at Kasumpti and near Daljheel hotal have to close down in similar fashion.
It is too early to canclude that Indian Coffee houses Mall road would close down but it is certain that it’s book are in red.
Currently Coffee houses run from a four floors of a British era building as it’s toop floor face historic Mall road, down floor being used for its kitchen and office and two more floor also being used to serve the customers.
Indian Coffee house top floor was also being used for purposes of serving customers or resturant but now it was leased out for running some shops.
Shimla Mall road also have seen closing down of Famus Baljee restaurant two years ago. Now let us hope that with relaxation of curfew from Jun 1 this place would see increase in the footfall and the centre place of people meeting and having leisure time would not die sudden death.

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